I’m going to see a (kind of famous) Nutritionist on Monday – RO

22 Aug

I am allergic to wheat. Have you been analyzed for gluten allergy?


19 Aug


Detox Water recipes

17 Aug


My boyfriend kissed my best friend

16 Aug

Although my boyfriend was entirely squandered, my very best friend was not.

Mell of snow

14 Aug

What about Demeter Snow? I do consider this one smells like snow.

Hotel keen palo alto

12 Aug

Shortly afterwards, a bottle of hotels in greensboro nc champagne on ice was brought to our greensboro hotel rooms room, which was a nice gesture.

What to do!

10 Aug

I have been conversing to yet another man for awhile now,but have never ever been able to comitte to a relationship with him, and component of me thinks that it is because I might possessing emotion for my ideal pal! Lately I had to decide among the two of them and am now t.