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Just watched The master 2011 last week

29 Jun

With practically no narrative development, this film is basically a character study in which the primary people remain minor altered and enigmatic.


Family portrait time!

22 Jun

Lovely 🙂 What are your faves from 17.

How to deal with feelings for someone when you know you should stay single?

20 Jun

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 5 months about two months ago. �I am happy it’s over, we weren’t at all compatible and it was just time to move on. �Before I met him, I was very happy being single and wasn’t actively looking for anyone to date. �

Just watched the other day

18 Jun

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Charleston place hotel charleston Review

16 Jun

Loved this place.

Coral strappy wedges

9 Jun

Source: via Jessa on Pinterest

Mud 2012 dvdfilm critique

6 Jun

Beautifully acted, intellectually engaging, and dramatically satisfying, Mud deserves to rocket to the top of your must-see list.